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The third Nightmare continues Freddy's story with the sole survivor of the first movie, Nancy Thompson. Nancy has just accepted a position as a research scientist at a pschiatric institution near the fated house on Elm Street and is working with a group of children who all share nightmares of Freddy.
She discovers that one of the children (Kristen) has a special gift which may help them destroy Freddy forever.
Heather Langenkamp ... Nancy Thompson

Craig Wasson ... Dr. Neil Gordon

Patricia Arquette ... Kristen Parker

Robert Englund ... Freddy Krueger

Ken Sagoes ... Roland Kincaid

Rodney Eastman ... Joseph 'Joey' Crusel

Jennifer Rubin ... Taryn White

Bradley Gregg ... Phillip Anderson

Ira Heiden ... William 'Will' Stanton

Laurence Fishburne ... Max

Penelope Sudrow ... Jennifer Caulfield

John Saxon ... Lt. Donald Thompson

Priscilla Pointer ... Dr. Elizabeth Simms

Clayton Landey ... Lorenzo

Brooke Bundy ... Elaine Parker

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