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Nancy (Langenkamp) is having nightmares, violent nightmares about a mysterious badly burned man with a razor fingered glove on his right hand that calls himself Freddy (Englund).
When she realizes that her friends are having the same nightmares and that one by one they are being brutaly murdered in their sleep she turns to her father (Saxton) who does not believe her and thinks her to be crazy.
After she finds out the horrible truth behind Freddy's rampage she decides to take action and bring this dream murderer out of dreamland and into the real world where she can send him straight to where he belongs. ************************
John Saxon ... Lt. Thompson

Ronee Blakley ... Marge Thompson

Heather Langenkamp ... Nancy Thompson

Amanda Wyss ... Tina Gray

Jsu Garcia ... Rod Lane

Johnny Depp ... Glen Lantz

Charles Fleischer ... Dr. King

Joseph Whipp ... Sgt. Parker

Robert Englund ... Fred Krueger

Lin Shaye ... Teacher

Joe Unger ... Sgt. Garcia

Mimi Craven ... Nurse

Jack Shea ... Minister

Ed Call ... Mr. Lantz

Sandy Lipton ... Mrs. Lantz

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