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Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky for short (b. January 24, 1950 d.November 9, 1988) is a fictional character from the Child's Play series of horror films, created by Don Mancini.
br> He is the primary villain featured in the series. Chucky is a doll that was possessed by means of voodoo magic by serial killer Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler. During most of his time as a doll, Chucky chased after a boy named Andy Barclay because Andy was the first person he told his real name to as a doll. Brad Dourif has voiced the character in all of the films (he also appears at the beginning of the first film and in subsequent flashbacks).

History of Chucky (Charles Lee Ray)
On a cold night in Illinois, in November 1988, Ray was on the run from Detective Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon). After taking refuge in a toy store, the fatally wounded killer frantically searched for a body to transfer his soul into in order to cheat death. Using the then-popular Good Guy doll, Ray recited a voodoo chant that resulted in a bolt of lightning striking the toy store and the transfer of his soul into the doll.

The voodoo chant is fictional, but the name Damballa is mentioned several times in the curse, which proves Ray worshiped Damballa. It is unclear whether the lightning or the policeman ultimately killed Ray; although Norris appears to find him dead, he later admits "I was the man who killed him."

Also, a newscaster announces, a few minutes, that "Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler, was shot and killed shortly before 3 A.M. this morning on Wabash Avenue." Meanwhile, Chucky's girlfriend, Tiffany Valentine, mistook a ring that he stole from heiress Vivian Van Pelt as an engagement ring. When she found out about Chucky's death, she became obsessed with trying to find the doll that he possessed.

Before Ray's death in 1988, he had murdered several people, but his killings are random. Anyone that got in his way, he would kill. For ten years he had been trying to capture Barclay. He needed Barclay's body because he was the first person Ray told his secret to. In 1990 Ray was finally destroyed, or so everyone thought, as this was his last attempt at trying to catch Barclay. Ten years later, Tiffany, who had found Chucky's body after killing officer Robert Bailey, stiched him together again. After bringing him back to life, Chucky tells Tiffany he never wanted to marry her.

Tiffany then imprisons him. After Chucky escapes,he kills Tiffany by electrocuting her, then puts her soul into a bride doll. The two honeymoon.

Physiology of Chucky (Charles Lee Ray)::
Charles Lee Ray, although stuck in the body of a doll, retains most human qualities, most notably the ability to bleed. In fact, it seems that Chucky's anatomy is identical to that of a human, since his innards are not hollow but rather filled with organs, as opposed to stuffing and electrical wiring and mechanics. In addition, he also has the ability to procreate, as seen in Seed of Chucky.

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