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As a twelve year-old boy young Tommy Jarvis was able to finally put a stop to the apparently unstoppable, unkillable 'Jason Voorhees.
But now, following several years spent in various mental (psychiatric)institutions, undergoing professional therapy and psychological care, a young adolescent 'Tommy' is still haunted by visions, hallucinations of a bloodied 'Jason Voorhees' awakening from his grave and coming to look for him.
Returning to inflict his revenge. 'Tommy' is now approx. 16 or 17 and is about to return to to a half-way home for mentally disturbed teens, near Crystal Lake.
However, along with 'Tommy's' RETURN to the camp grounds, another mystery activity has returned, the bloodshed and the killings and MO of the late 'Jason Voorhees.

Kaz's World