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Finally captured in the year 2008, Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) is held inside a government research facility whose scientists try to answer the question that keeps eluding them - why one of the most infamous mass murderers in history cannot die.
Once Rowan (Lexa Doig), leader of the research project, prepares the specimen for cryogenic suspension, a greedy scientist goes over her head and comes to remove Jason, only to have the mad slasher break free and slaughter him and his entire entourage.
Tricking Jason into following her, Rowan eludes him into entering the cryogenic freezer and begins the process, but a breach in the system causes her to freeze with him. The government tries to deny any evidence of the project, and nearly four centuries pass, during which the Earth gradually becomes less and less habitable and humans have relocated to a planet in another star system that they've named Earth II.
A team of young students descends onto the ruined Earth, where they find the frozen bodies of Jason and Rowan in the forgotten research facility and take back on board their ship with them.
Rowan is thawed and revived, but the team mistakes Jason to be dead, having no idea of his abilities or motives. Before long, Jason awakens to the sound of young people having premarital sex once again, and the carnage erupts once again as the ship proceeds to Earth II.
The remaining survivors fight for their lives as the centuries-old mad slasher proves that he is just as evil and just as indestructible during their time as he was centuries before.

Kaz's World