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Seed of Chucky:: In this film, six years have passed. The offspring of Chucky and Tiffany, a gender-confused doll named Glen (voiced by Billy Boyd), has grown up as an orphan in Great Britain. When he sees his parents on an episode of Access Hollywood for the upcoming movie Chucky goes Psycho, he escapes his abusive ventriloquist owner and mails himself to Hollywood. Once there, he uses Chucky's amulet to transfer Chucky's and Tiffany's souls into the new dolls that the studio is using for their movie. Although horrified by his parents' murderous lifestyle, Glen wants desperately to please his parents and belong to a family, no matter how dysfunctional.

Seeing that Glen has no genitals, Chucky and Tiffany can't agree on the gender of their child, and they start calling him by different names - Glen (Chucky) and Glenda (Tiffany). Eventually, Glen asks his parents why they kill people, something they never thought about. Tiffany proposes to stop killing all at once, much to Chucky's dismay. This proves to be a very difficult task, especially for Tiffany. Chucky and Tiffany both kill people behind each other's backs and swear Glen to secrecy, as well as Chucky tricking Glen into committing two murders by accident. Eventually, Glen is so traumatized that "Glenda" briefly emerges as an alternate personality who pleases her parents by committing murder with ease. Glen returns to awareness for the rest of the film.

Meanwhile, the real-life Jennifer Tilly (playing herself) is desperate to advance her acting career. When Redman arrives at Jennifer Tilly's mansion to discuss casting her in his movie, they are both knocked out. Chucky's sperm sample is used to impregnate Tilly in order to give Glen/Glenda a human body as well. Because it's a voodoo pregnancy, Tilly appears 9 months pregnant within a couple of days.

Later tying Tilly and her limo driver Stan (Chucky needed a replacement body because Tiffany killed Redman) to her bed, Jennifer promptly goes into labor. Upon the birth of twin babies, one a boy and one a girl, Chucky is put under pressure as to what the harsh reality of becoming human again will mean. He then decides to remain a doll, which makes him immortal, prompting Tiffany to leave him, not knowing who he is anymore. Tiffany decides to take Glen with her, enraging Chucky, who attempts to throw his knife at Jennifer but the limo driver jumps in the way of it, saving Jennifer. Tiffany attacks Chucky with the knife before the police arrive.

The next day, Tilly is visited in the hospital by Tiffany and Glen. Just as Tiffany transfers her soul into Tilly, Chucky hacks his way through the door and kills Tilly, who is in Tiffany's doll body, with an axe. Tiffany barely escapes with Tilly's body, but Chucky and Glen thinks she's dead. With this ultimate trauma, Glen is suddenly capable of killing (without needing Glenda to do it), and he proceeds to attack his father. In comic fashion, Glen uses martial arts to fight Chucky, picks up the axe, and then chops off all of Chucky's limbs. Even while dying, Chucky is proud of his son, but this doesn't stop Glen from chopping off his father's head. Tiffany, in Tilly's body, then comforts him.

Five years later, Tiffany is living happily without Chucky as Jennifer Tilly, with the real-live twins, who are now celebrating their fifth birthday. One of Tiffany's servants, Fulvia, tries to quit her job because she is frightened by the mischievous Glenda. Tiffany finds this ridiculous, but says it's okay for her to leave. When Fulvia thanks her and turns around, Tiffany brutally swings her doll at Fulvia's head, causing her to fall to the ground. She then proceeds to strike her with it several times, cracking her head open after the final blow. When she's dragging Fulvia's body to a closet, she sees real-live Glenda through the window. They both smile and decide to keep the whole thing a secret. Tiffany is then outside telling a group of kids the story of her and Chucky, when she surprises the real-live Glen (a good boy, somewhat timid-looking) by giving him another present that doesn't say who it's from. Glen opens it to reveal Chucky's arm, which leaps up and appears to grab him.

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