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Two years later, 8-year-old Andy was sent to live with a foster family away from his mother, who was considered unfit to raise him. To prove the numerous news articles wrong, Play Pals, the creators of the Good Guy toyline, decided to rebuild Chucky. After being brought back to life, Chucky went looking for Andy again. When he found him, he killed Andy's foster father (Gerrit Graham) and Andy was blamed for it.

Andy was then taken back to the orphanage. After Chucky killed Andy's foster mother (Jenny Agutter) as well; he took Kyle (Christine Elise), Andy's foster sister, hostage and made her take him to Andy.

As Chucky and Andy made their way toward the Good Guy factory, Kyle gave chase. After another failed attempt at transferring his soul, Chucky realized that he was stuck in the body and was now focused on killing Andy. Chucky chased Andy and Kyle and ended up bathing in a pipe of superheated liquid plastic after losing his legs and right hand (which he had replaced with a knife blade). Shortly afterwards, the mangled and enraged Chucky was killed for the second time when Kyle shoved an active airhose into the killer's mouth, causing his head to burst.

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