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When single mom Karen Barkley (Catherine Hicks) bought the possessed doll from a peddler, she gave it to her 6-year-old son, Andy (Alex Vincent, later Justin Whalin) as a birthday present.

Soon, Chucky resumed his killing spree when he pushed Andy's babysitter, Maggie, (Dinah Manoff) out of the kitchen window. All evidence pointed to Andy, but he insisted that Chucky was the one who committed the murder. After Andy was taken to a mental institution, Karen found out that Chucky was talking without batteries and the 2 ft. terror escapes.

Chucky found out that he must transfer his soul into the body of the first person that he revealed his true identity to or else he will be trapped in the doll forever. Chucky pursued Andy back to his home and tried to transfer his soul into the boy but he is stopped by Karen and Norris (though he might have succeeded had he not stopped the chant when he heard them break down the barracaded door).

After being burned alive by Andy in a fire place and having all of his limbs shot off, and being decapitated, he finally dies with a gunshot to the heart.

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